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How Important are Social Support Systems?

Social Support Systems:

Research has proven that having a social support system has many positive benefits. Studies have shown that social support can reduce depression and anxiety.

Some essential and key factors to building and maintaining a healthy and strong support system depends on the following:

1. Accountability. Sometimes friends and family need someone who will hold them accountable. Although it strokes our ego to always have someone agree with us or tell us what we want to hear, we need someone who will look beyond those things for our best interest. After all, our well-being is the most important thing!

2. Communication. Effective communication can solve a multitude of problems. It requires listening probably more so than talking. This leads into another important aspect of social support systems.........

3. Sense of purpose. An important route to finding meaning and a sense of purpose in one's life is being out in the world, engaging with others in a meaningful way and participating in meaningful activities. All of which involves positive interaction with other people.

4. Willingness to Compromise. Compromise is so important for relationships(no matter what kind of relationship it is). It consists of having a delicate balance between sacrificing your own views and wants without allowing people to run over you. The ability to compromise from all parties strengthen relationships and depending on the situation will be worth the investment.

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