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Do You Feel Overwhelmed During the Holidays?

Surviving the Holidays:

The holiday season for most people is a fun time of the year that consist of social gatherings, parties, celebrations and gift exchanges among family and friends. It can also be a difficult time of the year for others, especially individuals who have lost loved ones. There are various sources of sadness, that is individual specific.

However, there are ways to overcome holiday blues or at least surviving these seasons. Here are a few ways to get through the seasons intact:

1. Set realistic expectations about your holiday season and make realistic goals

2. Don't put all your energy into one holiday; remember to pace yourself, knowing that holiday cheer can be distributed across several holidays. This will eliminate over-stressing.

3. Learn to grieve. If you are grieving a loved one, this would be a good time to reach out to support groups or talk to someone about how you are feeling.

4. Reduce commitments if necessary. If you are feeling overwhelmed, remember it's okay to refrain from attending social gatherings. Remind yourself that holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are only 24 hours; they will eventually end.

5. Consider engaging in trying something new or spend time doing volunteer work that involves helping others.

6. And lastly, remember to follow up with your mental health provider.

~ Happy Holidays

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